Surfing Lesson

What is expecting you by booking a surfing lesson with us? You will have a coach that is suitable for your respective surfing level. You will have a ratio of max. 2 students/coach, what gives you the necessary attention and time with your coach. In case you would like to book a privat lesson that is possible too. All transports from and to your accommodation in the Kuta/Gerupuk area by car and / or boat are of course included, no matter where on the island we do surf.

General comments:

  • Communication is gold. Don't hesitate to ask your coach in case you do not understand something, to inform him when you feel uncomfortable, tired, or what ever you might be in need of. He is there for you. Please, don't be shy, he will not bite. Same is true if you are not happy with your coach, please let us know, there is always a solution for everything.

  • Trust your coach. All our coaches are well experienced locals, they know what they are doing.

  • Take care of your surfboard and especially of your leash (your lifeguard!!!)

  • Every surfer carries his/her own surfboard.

The following programm is an example for a first time surfer. In case you already do have some previous experience in surfing we will adapt the programm according your skill level:


1st day:

Before you hit the water we gonna do some "dry" practice on the beach to show you the proper movement to pop - up (stand up on your board) and to paddle your board. Your coach is explaining and showing you how it is done, corrects your positioning, stance etc. and gives you some little tips before you enter the water. (Preferably and if possible we like to meet you a day before the first lesson to hold the first theory lesson incl. the information of the surf condition that will expect you the next day. That way you are well prepared/informed for your first time on your board. If we can not meet a day in advance we will do that right before the session).

Now, you are ready to hit the wet! Together with your coach you enter the water, to transpose the "dry" into the "wet" under his guidance and instructions. For this first time we use whitewash (an already broken wave) on a beach break (sandy underground). Whitwash still does have enough energy to put your board into movement and you can easy practise the pop - up.

After the first hour in the water, you go back to the beach, for a little break. Your coach is giving you further tips and tricks as well adds some corrections where needed.

Here we go, second hour out in the wet, more pop-up and paddle practise.

2nd day:

Most people manage to get on the board the first day.

Congratulation: You enter the next level! 

In that case, we gonna go a step further. Now it is time to work on your paddeling and on a green wave (unbroken wave) start. Paddeling is one of the most important skills for surfing. A good paddle technique safes you a lot of energy and makes you catch green waves easier.

For that step we will go out with a boat to a pretty mellow reef break (no worries, there is always enough water underneath that you will not hit the reef). 

Before you board the boat, we will give you a theory lesson on beach/reef breaks, channels, rips, tides, surfers etiquette etc. We will check your pop-up and your paddle technique again and add corrections where needed. 

Time for a little boat trip. 

Your coach is explaining you the spot setup before you enter the water and you paddle out to the line-up. He will position you and spot the waves for you. He will explain and show you how a green wave start is done and then it is on you to practise. 

Meanwhile you are out surfing, the boat is waiting in the channel. Anytime you like to have a break on the boat or in case you are done before the others, just go back to the boat. The skipper is helping you to board again and takes care of your surf board. Please inform your coach before you go back to the boat.

Back at the shore we do have a little wrap-up on how everything was and answer eventual questions before we bring you back to your accommodation.

In case you where not able to pop-up on your surf board the first day yet, no worries that can happen, we will repeat the 1st day after evaluation.

3rd day:

Before you hit the water we will go through the theory again and answer your questions that might have been poped up the day before. The 3rd day is picture day. Means you will be accompanied by our photografer. He will take pictures of the session which we will use for the picture analysis the following day, so keep on smiling.

Out in the line-up you will further practise your green wave start and depending on your progress how to follow down the line of the wave and maybe already how to turn.

Depending on the condition, on the surfers progress and the spot we gonna surf the following day, we will do the picture analysis in the afternoon of the 3rd day or before the session of the 4th day.

How is the picture analysis done: We will have a look together on your pics and analyse them, followed by some practise in the "dry" on our famous paddle bench and some more theory.

The following days depend a lot on the surfers progress. Further goals: catch more green waves per session, following down the line of the wave, first turns (improve turning), adjust positioning out in the line-up, etc.


As our groups are pretty small and we do split them according the surfers levels (we split for only one person as well if requested) we do have the option to adapt the respective lesson to the current progress/skill - level of each surfer. 5th or 6th day another foto session will take place followed by another picture analysis. ​

All taken pictures of you will be sent to you by dropbox with NO extra costs.