general information.

Eating & Drinking:

Depending on how authentic you want your experience to be, you can get meals for under 2 EUR. More western meals can cost up to around 10 EUR. If you budget is around 15 EUR a day for lunch and dinner you will probably eat quite comfortably. Local beers cost around 2 EUR. Lunch and dinner is not included in the package price so please make sure your budget is sufficient. There are a few bars that host weekly parties but don’t forget that morning call can be pretty early! We are happy to recommend the best local places to get a bite or a drink. 

Lombok means translated: Chilli! Therefore, be prepared that everything might be a bit more spicy than you are used to. Be careful using the sambal (hot chilli - sauce).

Lots of meals do contain peanuts. In case you do have an intolerance / allergic to it, please be careful and always ask specifially for no peanuts in your meals.

Extra Activities

Lombok School of Surf provides snorkels if you wish to have a snorkel off the boat while we’re out surfing. Other activities besides surfing include massage and spa treatments, yoga, cooking classes, diving, horse riding, sightseeing, shopping at local markets, karaoke and sunset trips on our boat. Please note that some of these activities could raise additional costs for you. We are happy to arrange these for you!

Transport & Scooters

All transfers to surf lessons and surf spots will be organised by Lombok School of Surf. This includes car and boat transfers all over the island so that you can just relax and enjoy your surfing! Airport transfers are also included if you stay for at least 7nights with us. Our accommodation in Kuta is located right in town with restaurants, bars and a 24hr convenience store in walking distance. We can organise scooter rentals for you, however this is at your own risk and is an additional cost. Please bring your international driving license with you and note that helmets are mandatory by law in Indonesia, no matter what you see on the streets and no wearing a helmet can be / will be fined. Safety first!

Culture & Religion

Unlike Hindu Bali, the majority of the people of Lombok practice the Muslim religion. Although it is a little more conservative than Bali is these days, Kuta Lombok is pretty open to Western tourists. If you are travelling through non-tourist areas however, women especially should cover knees, shoulders, chest,  etc. Lombok School of Surf has a very nice relationship with the locals and we hope to keep it that way so please help us by being respectful. Most of the locals don’t mind seeing tourists having a bit of fun, dressed casually or drinking so please reciprocate by being open minded about their culture, religion & customs. Nevertheless, topless wherever is a no-go. Our team will happily answer any questions you might have about their island. If you have a minute with Agus, ask him about wedding customs in Lombok!

Please note, Lombok has a pretty chilled vibe. Even there is a lot of developement going on at the moment, the island still has it's charme of let's say Bali 15 years ago. A beautiful landscape (mostly untouched) and calm people are typical for this island. For westerners that means: chill down, enjoy the calm, get into the flow and you will feel Lombok's magic. Pure soulfood!


Lombok, much like any other tropical destination has a dry and a wet season. During wet season there will be days when it rains but generally it clears up after a few hours and it won’t rain everyday. We still surf in light rain unless it’s storming and we have a car for you to get around in so you won't be too affected by the weather. The months of wet season can vary but generally strike between November and March. Lombok is actually a good alternative to Bali during these months as it’s not affected by the rubbish that washes up on the beaches when the waterways flood in Bali and the wind is blowing onshore. We love Lombok because the water is clean and clear all year around. It also seems to rain a lot less here than in Bali.

What to bring?

We supply all equipment for surfing if needed. If you’re already a surfer then you might already have your own board and gear which you probably prefer to use. Most of you will be happy to cruise around in flip flops/shorts/beach dresses all week as restaurants & bars have no dress code. Especially if you have skin that is sensitive to the sun make sure you bring sun protection such as hats, long sleeves and some very good waterproof SPF sunscreen. You DO NOT want to ruin your week by roasting yourself silly on day 1. If you’re here during wet season, bring a poncho. It’s ok if you forget, you will be able to buy one here for very little. In case you need some special medication, best is to bring it with you as well, make sure you can enter the country with it. Now a days most of the things are available on the island.

Getting to Lombok School Of Surf

Lombok has an International Airport with flights landing from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Asia as well as Bali, Jakarta and other destinations within Indonesia. If you are flying to Lombok & staying with us for at least 7nights, your airport transfers will be included in your package. You can get flights with Lion or Wings Air from Bali from 25 EUR. There are many flights everyday and it is only 30minutes. Garuda is the other domestic carrier with flights around 35 EUR. Try for fares. If you’re bringing your own boards please note that Lion and Wings air charge 20 EUR extra but Garuda allows you to bring boards at no extra charge. Please also note that very long boards may not be able to be checked in. Garuda is more reliable on schedule than Wings/Lion Air.


There are also a number of fast boats running to Lombok from Bali and the Gili islands for around 60 EUR return. These boats drop you at Senggigi which is a 90 minute drive from Kuta. It is around 1 hour on a speetboat from Padang Bai in Bali. We are able to organise a driver to pick you up from the harbor in Senggigi and bring you to our location for 35 EUR. For more info on speedboats try Some of the companies will land in Bangsal what is about 2-3 hours of a drive down to Kuta, depending on traffic. We can arrange pickups / dropoffs to Bangsal as well but would charge you EUR 45. All prices are per way NOT per person.

Furthermore, there is the public ferry that will bring you from Padang Bai, Bali straight to Lembar, Lombok (4-5 hours on the boat, depends on the ocean conditions and the boat you get). It is about an hour and a half drive from Lembar to Kuta. You can bring a scooter from Bali and drive it by yourself  or we can arrange a pick up for EUR 35 for you.


Most of the countries get a free 30 days stay in Indonesia. In case you would like to stay longer then 30 days you do have the option to purchase the right to extend directly at the airport (currently USD 35, but they do accept almost all common currencies). This allows you to extend your VOA up to 60 days (can be done through an agent or by yourself). Please note that arrival and departure days are counted-in in those 30 resp. 60 days.

An other option for longer stays might be the SoBud-Visa. Best way would be to contact the indonesian Embassy in your country upfront what would be needed in your situation and what the options are. In terms of costs it will not make a remarkable difference.


See your doctor before you travel to Indonesia for info on immunisations. Although it is very rare, there are known cases of malaria and dengue fever. Try to use insect repellent when possible. There will be First Aid trained people at hand and a hospital nearby. Please don’t drink or brush your teeth with tap water. You may also want to check with your doctor about bringing certain medications into Indonesia. If you require any medication please don’t assume that you will be able to buy it once you are here. Make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive and always travel with the details of your insurer. We will never be too far and as long as you are careful about what you eat and drink and look after yourself there is no need to be nervous about traveling to Lombok!