Surf Guiding:

What is expecting you booking surf guiding with us? Surf guiding is for people who already know how to surf. We recommend surf guiding starting from a level of an intermediate surfer or earliest from a beginner 3 level.

Depending on the surfers level there will be 2-4 surfers / guide (a max. of 2 surfers for intermediate level and a max. of 4 surfers for advanced level). We will set the surfplan taking into consideration the surfers level as well as the respective daily surf conditions. Please do not hesitate to let us know in case you like to surf a specific spot (in case possible due to the conditions we will take your wishes into considerations). Groups are split according the surfers level, we even split for one person only if requested. All transports from / to your accommodation in the Kuta/Gerupuk area by car and /or boat are included.

General comments:

  • Communication is gold. Don't hesitate to ask your guide in case you do not understand something, to inform him when you feel uncomfortable, tired, or what ever you might be in need of. He is there for you. So don't be shy, he will not bite. Same is true if you are not happy with your guide / the spot etc. please let us know, there is always a solution for everything.

  • Trust your guide. All our guides and coaches are well experienced locals, they know what they are doing.

  • Take care of your surfboard and especially of your leash (your lifeguard!!!) no matter it is your own quiver or a rented one.

  • Every surfer carries his/her own surfboard.

surf guiding

If possible we like to meet you the day before you start surfing with us to have a chat about the conditions, your surfing level etc. On the first day we will check your surfing skills out in the water to see what spots will be most suitable for you. So we start with an easy and chilled break. Surf guiding does NOT mean that we bring you to the spot, release you out in the line-up, waving you goodbye and come back to pick you up after two hours!

Our surf guides will explain you the spot setup, will help you with the positioning out in the line-up and give you some tips and tricks in case they see something. Remember your guide is there to take care of you. Nevertheless, your surf guide is not supposed to a) give you a taxi lift back in the line-up, or b) push you into the wave.

On the 3rd and the 5th or 6th day there will be a picture session, whereas a photografer will accompany the session and take some pictures. The following day we will have a look on the pics and analyse them together, followed by some "dry" practise in case needed. You will get the pics after your stay sent by dropbox with NO additional costs.

Even you have booked surf guiding only we make sure you understand the basics of surfing and the necessary knowledge of what is going on out in the ocean, so you will get a theoretical introduction in beach/reef breaks, tides, channels, rips, surfers etiquette, etc. according your current level.​

surf guiding