other services / extras:


You arrive by boat? No problem, we can arrange your pickup:

  • Lembar or Sengiggi Harbour: EUR 35/way (max. 4 ppl)

  • Bangsal Harbour: EUR 45/way (max. 4 ppl)

You arrive extra late (after 20:00)? No worries, we still come to pick you up but would charge an extra late - fee of EUR 15 per way that our driver get's a fair payment for his nightshift.


You like to have a privat car with a driver and a surf guide for you only? Contact us for more information and pricing.

Pictures service:

Yes, right, you will get all the pics we will shoot from you during the sessions, however, there is the possibility for a professional picture service with your own photographer for the perfect surfing-souvenir. You can see every face - expression. Promise!

One session: EUR 30 per person​.

Board rental:

In our beginner packages the board rental is already included. For the intermediates and advanced surfers we do have a good selection of different sizes and shapes of surfboards available. You can change them anytime to make sure you got the quiver that suits you best.

one day: EUR 5 (incl. board, leash, rashvest)

one week: EUR 35 (incl. board, leash, rashvest)

NOTE: We only do rent out material to guests surfing with us.

Insurance of the material is the responsibility of the user. In case there are damages or losts the guest needs to compensate that. We will bring your board to the repair together with you. You only pay your caused damages and NO extra on top-fee.

Boat rental:

Yes, our famous pirate boat can be rent including the skipper of course!

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Fishing Trips:

In case you like to hunt your own lunch / dinner, there is the option to go fishing with our boat/skipper. We provide all the needed equipment. If you like we can also arrange a nice lunch/dinner with your own catched fish afterwards.

Price per person (2 up to 4ppl): EUR 30

Price per person (4 up to 6ppl): EUR 20

Scooter rental:

We do have shooters to rent (helmets included). Price IDR 50'000/day only bookable on side. Please bring your international driving license with you. Longterm rentals are possible, please contact us for pricing.

Sumbawa Surftrips:

Yes, right, we do offer trips to our neighbour Sumbawa. Sumbawa has a lot to discover in parts of Surfing. We will bring you there, from Northern Rights down to Leaky Peak. You will be accompanied by one of our guides assisted by a Sumbawa local. Only for intermediate / advanced surfers. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Downhill - Longboarding:

Lombok with it's super hilly landscape, not much traffic and it's good streets is a perfect place for downhill skating. We find the hairpins and corners you like to shred. For advanced riders with experience in open track riding only! Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Please do not hesitate to ask us in case of any other not listed items/ or you do have some extraordinary wishes. We are happy to help you. In case we cannot ourselfes, we know who can!

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