It's always nice to know with whom you will be spending your time. Lombok School of Surf was founded by a surf addicted couple in 2015. The school was not operating in 2016 until we took it over and re-opened it in April 2017. We are a small family business that is specialized in individual surfing holidays based in the lovely bay of Gerupuk, south Lombok.


Our credo: YOUR HOLIDAY, YOUR TIME!! We are here to make your time on Lombok unforgetable.

Our goal is to make your holiday unique and fill your bag with lovely memories from your time off. No matter what, we stand on your side and try to make your whishes come true. We love surfing and we like to share our knowledge and passion for this sport with you. Not only by showing you how it is done but as well by sharing tips and tricks to make you feel confident and safe in the water, even if you go surfing by yourself.

We are situated in the picturestique south of beautiful Lombok. Breaks in the Gerupuk Bay, Kuta Bay, Ekas Bay as well as Seger, Air Guling, Mawun, Mawi, Selong Belanak etc. are our main playgrounds. Nevertheless, we surf all over the island, depending on surfers level and respective daily ocean/weather conditions.

From Surfers for Surfers
Our team:

Heri and Jasmine are the owners and the heart of Lombok School of Surf. Jasmine is a multilingual, avid Surfer born in Switzerland, living in Indonesia since 2013. Heri, her husband, is born in Lombok. Those two take care of all the organisation, your special wishes and they give you some interesting and funny background information on the island and i'ts life.


While you might see Jasmine out in the line-up surfing with you, Heri takes care of the pictures used for the analysis afterwards.

Their daughter, little Neyla aka big boss is most of the time on the road with them and will infect you right away with her winning smile.

Lombok School of Surf Owner

We work together with an awesome crew of Lombok locals. They know the area, the surf breaks, the traditions and will for sure enrich your Lombok experience:

Rizal is our intermediate / advanced surf guide also born in Lombok. Well-known for his excellent taste in music and his knowledge about the surf spots. Do not under-estimate his stamina and his power due to his appearance.

Rendi is our beginners surf coach. The breaks in Gerupuk are his well-known playground. He will show you how to get up and catch your first waves by supporting you out in the line-up. You will always recognize him in the line-up due to his unique hairstyle.

In case we do need more guides/coaches out in the line-up with us you might meet: Dekaq, Buyung, Rin, Guna,... and all of them will make your stay a real special, heart-warming Lombok experience!


In case we do a little trip up to Desert Point or Sengiggi a local guide from there will support our guys to make sure you will get the 100% local knowledge out in the line-up.

Bah is our boat skipper. He will glide you safely through the lobster farms and bring you straight out in the line-up with our LSoS - pirate boat. You might see him catching some fish meanwhile you are surfing.

Nur, Mamiq, Desta,Peyeng, Jumbo, Anto... those are the guys behind the steering wheel, that come to pick you up and bring you back home safely in our car. 

Note: We are a small family business. We aim to offer fair working conditions to everybody working with us. Indonesia is a threshold country with many unemployed people. As we care for our surroundings we only work with local manpower, so they can support their families with the essentials for living. Sharing is caring! Because of that, please understand that we do neither accept any requests that offers publicity/support on any social medias (aka: bloggers / instagrammers / youtubers etc.) nor interns, trainees or work in exchange for food, accommodation and all other services we provide. Despite that we are aware of the social media's power and the positive and fruitful influence a foreign team member could have. Thank you for your understanding.



Your holidays, our pleasure!

Everybody has a different idea of a perfect holiday/surf trip. That's why we use a modular system where you can get different packages/services tailored for your needs. No matter if you travel solo, as a couple, as a group of friends, as a family, no matter if you are a complete beginner, an I-take-it-chilled-oldie, a just-ones-a-year-surfer, a barrel-seaker or an aerial-fanatic we will find your individual happy place on Lombok.

The following packages are examples only. We are quite flexible with the programme and adapt it according to your wishes where possible. You can mix your own little programme considerating your time, shape, experience, etc. No matter if you already do have an accommodation or if you like to get the full "just-take-care-about-the-surf-package".


Just drop us a line at lombokschoolofsurf@gmail.com. We are happy to arrange your personal package.

Surfing Lesson only
Surf Guiding only
Surfing Lesson + Accommodation
Surf Guiding + Accommodation

As the definition of surf level can be quite different depending who you are talking to. Here how we split our groups (we split even for one person only if requested):

  • Beginner 1: First timer, never surfed before or someone that can not stand up on the board yet (whitewash). Recommended module surfing lessons.

  • Beginner 2/Intermediate Beginner: You already can stand up in the whitewash and you can paddle out to the lineup, you work on catching your own green waves and how to surf down the line of the wave. Recommended module surfing lessons.


  • Beginner 3/Advanced Beginner: You can paddle out to the lineup, you start catching green waves by your own, you are able to surf down the line of the wave, you are working on your turns and positioning, your Turtle Roll / Duck Dive is save. Recommended module surfing lessons or surf guiding.

  • Intermediate: You catch your own green waves, you can surf down the line of the wave, you are able to perform proper top and bottom turns, maybe some advanced maneuvers. Your Duck Dive/Turtle Roll is save. Recommended module surf guiding.

  • Advanced: All of the abilities of the intermediate level+ barrels (tube riding) and advanced maneuvers. You feel comfy in bigger conditions, faster waves and shallower underground. Recommended module surf guiding.



Inquiries can be made in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Indonesian

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email: lombokschoolofsurf@gmail.com

Phone: +62 (0) 85 338 901 247

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